Creative and Ethical Products

This entrepreneur art teacher is on a mission to promote creative, beautiful and ethical products to the public. I am going to be interviewed  on Kathy Irelands’ Life, Health & Style show. This  is a great opportunity to bring even more awareness to the public about our mission.

My green business, The Green Seahorse, advocates for a greener environment and greener lifestyle - by shopping ethically and by opting for fair trade products.  We want to put the word out there that there are options for us to be gentler to the environment – especially on the way we shop and consume.  The public needs to know where or how to find these creative, beautiful, ethical products and more importantly, why we need to support these fair trade products.

Being an artsy mom, I immediately saw the beauty and creativity in these products and because I have always been an eco-activist I was immediately drawn to the fact that these are eco-friendly as well.  Since then, I have always been passionate about promoting ethical shopping through The Green Seahorse.  We believe that one can be stylish and hip and eco-friendly all at the same.

An Opportunity for an Eco-activist Art Teacher Turned Entrepreneur Mom

This eco-activist art teacher turned entrepreneur mom is passionate about protecting the environment, arts and creating a sustainable business.  And getting invited to Kathy Ireland’s Life, Health and Style Show is a huge opportunity to promote the business and bring education to the public.  I hope to inspire people not just to live a greener lifestyle but to dare dreaming and aspire for those dreams.  For this stay at home artsy mom, that dream has turned into reality.

Being a working mother myself I feel the connection to Miss Kathy Ireland who is such an inspiration to women all over the world, especially to mothers who would like to take on their dreams and make it happen for themselves as well.  She’s a living proof that one can be what she aspires to become with hard work and dedication.


I can’t wait to meet her in person, I am very confident that we truly embodied what the show is all about – life, health and style, so I’m really looking forward to hearing what she has to say about The Green Seahorse.  We’re all set to bring green goodness and fun to the show and make our very first TV debut.  I know that it’s going to be an unforgettable and learning experience – and another milestone for The Green Seahorse!

Artsy Green Goodness!

As consumers, we can demand for creative, beautiful, ethical products in the market world.  One can be stylish and hip without hurting the environment.  Keep in mind that everything is correlated, if we support fair trade products, we’re not only supporting the conservation and protection of the environment but the very people behind these products.  These artsy and creative fair trade products are the life line for developing communities for a more sustainable future.  So, let’s shop ethically. Be creative and see the beauty in everything that is made eco-friendly.

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The Road to Success

So how indeed does a humble stay at home mom of two turned her dream into reality – well, looking back I realized that it all started by simply dreaming…yes, oh how I love to dream…and then I remember a lot of hard work, shrill of joys and disappointments, a series of trials and errors, and sometimes even coupled with second thoughts and fears.  Yep, let’s keep it real, it’s not exactly a walk in the park experience – but it’s surely is a memorable one. 

Success they say is relative.  That I truly believe.  From all the experience, including the not so pleasant ones, I can proudly say that I succeeded. It’s not that easy, but it can be easy.  It may not be all fun, but it can all be meaningful.  In spite of it all, I notice that one thing remains constant, that unyielding belief that I, an artist stay at home mom, can and will make it happen – and sure enough, I did!

What’s the Dream?

To create a sustainable business that will grant me a freedom lifestyle so that I can still keep in touch with my passion for arts and environment and continuously care for my family.

And the dream gave birth to The Green Seahorse - a green business certified under Green America’s rigorous standards, committed to making organic and fair trade products available to the public.  It’s definitely a dream come true to come up with something that combines artistry, ecofriendly, and entrepreneurship all together.

Empowering Oneself

I realized how much I wanted to make this dream a reality, at least enough to give me the courage to start exploring possibilities and embracing opportunities.  I learned how to empower myself and summoned the superwoman in me to brave all the challenges.  I pushed myself to find ways around bumps and road blocks that’s keeping me from the dream that I wholeheartedly believe in.

I kept an open mind and learned how to compromise in order to achieve a long term goal.  A goal that I knew even then will give me the freedom lifestyle and meaningful existence that will sustain me not just financially but emotionally and spiritually.

And as to how I’m managing being an artist, an entrepreneur and a mom to two beautiful teenagers and wife to surfer hubby – dedication and sheer will.  It’s a cliché, but it’s really true - if there’s a will, there’s a way.  Of course sometimes, you just have to look a little harder or perhaps a little longer, and then surely you will find a way.


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An Artsy Entrepreneur Mom

Yes, that’s me.  I’m an artist, an entrepreneur and a mom of two.  I started as an art teacher and thought for 25 years and somewhere between family life and teaching, I found my passion for everything green and entrepreneurship combined.

I realized early on that in the world I found myself in, having a degree in art and motherhood doesn’t give you a clean line as to where each begins and the other starts.  Getting my Masters in Fine Arts in Rhode Island School of Design, didn’t quite make it any clearer.  It was then that I realized - I will have to compromise.  I will have to find a way to still connect to my passion in arts and be an artist while I braved motherhood head on. It may seem that my skills in glass, ceramics and mixed media took a back seat when I became a teacher but at the time, it’s the best compromise I could think of which I willingly embraced. 

Teaching arts to small children is a fulfilling job.  I get to educate these little kids, help nurture their development and still be the mom and wife to my own growing family.  But then the passion for something different gently eases its way to my consciousness.  It grew strong enough that I knew I have to do something about it.  I then found myself learning the hoops about business, drop shipping and artisans from different parts of the world.  I was able to connect and stitch it all together - green, arts and business - these, coupled with hard work and dedication gave birth to The Green Seahorse.

Life, Health & Style Show with Kathy Ireland

I just officially launched The Green Seahorse via this year’s San Francisco Green Festival and it was truly an amazing experience.  We really enjoyed sharing our fair trade products as well as our mission and vision to the public through this green event.  And what’s even better is that it did open another opportunity for us to spread the word worldwide.  Yes, we’re going global,  The Green Seahorse managed to land a spot on Kathy Ireland’s Life, Health & Style Show!

This show is independently produced by MMP (USA) and is distributed worldwide.  It is an informative magazine style program that aims to educate and motivate viewers by covering the hottest stories, trends and breakthroughs.  So, yes, we are truly honored and excited to be invited on the show!

I can’t wait!  I will be heading to LA to shoot the interview and will keep you posted when the show will air. We already shot some footage during the Green Festival event but of course the prospect of being on the studio live with Kathy Ireland herself is spiking up the excitement meter for me! Oh boy, I’m psych about meeting her in person and of course being on TV – that’s a big thing for a green entrepreneur like me.  I really look forward to doing my part in creating global change by spreading the word about ethical shopping and fair trade.

Empowered Superwoman

This art teacher turned entrepreneur mom is on fire! I am able to use my art background, green passion and entrepreneurship to create a sustainable business.  I know I’m just starting but I can see a bright future for my green business.  This artist mom dared to dream and guess what, it’s all happening now.

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What’s Your Shade of Green?

Green is not just a color, it is an attitude.  But how can you not love green, right? Green is a really cool color – it simply breaths life!  It’s calming, it’s fresh, it’s clean and it’s vibrant!

And because we simply love anything green, we came up with our 50 Shades of Green series for some gift ideas for your Holiday shopping.  This collection is not just green in color they’re green through and through.  These products are made from recyclable materials or from resources that are readily available and friendly to the environment - that is what so great about fair trade products.

(click on the photo to see the whole collection)

Found your shade of green yet? How about we make this Holiday a little greener this year by green shopping? Keep in mind that green is more than just a color; it’s not just a status. It is an attitude and it is a process.  You can begin your process towards being green by shopping ethically now.

Ethical Shopping for a Greener Holiday

Let’s demand for nothing short of ethical – only things gentle to the environment and men. Remember that the power is in our hands as consumers, we are the ones creating the demand.  Let us create global change by affecting an ethical and fair trade economy.  And we can begin those changes by being a conscious consumer.

Choose gifts wisely this coming Holiday to make sure that our purchases don’t burden the environment.  Go for products that are made from recyclable materials or are easily recyclable.  Be a conscious consumer and know the cost behind every product.  A great buy is not something you get for a cheaper price, the true value of every purchase lies in its appropriateness.

Green Holiday Shopping

Opt for fair trade products for your Holiday shopping because these products are made under the guiding principles of World Fair Trade Organization.  It means that the environment and the artisans and farmers behind every product are protected and well taken care for.  Many small and developing communities all over the world benefits from the fair trade – for these people, it’s more than just a livelihood, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to provide a better future for their family.   So whenever we buy fair trade products, we’re not only protecting the environment, we’re also supporting the people behind it.

So, who’s ready for some green shopping?

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The Green Seahorse’ First Plunge

Just a few days ago, The Green Seahorse has officially launched and took its first plunge in the eco marketplace thru San Francisco’s Green Festival event!  And, oh boy, it was nothing short of amazing – truly a green event.  Surrounded by equally eco friendly businesses, The Green Seahorse fits perfectly right and settled comfortably in a very familiar green territory.

Spreading the Word, Green Seahorse Style!

The Green Festival allows us to connect with conscious consumers and share information about fair trade products, fair trade artisans and everything eco friendly.  The Green Seahorse team delights in every opportunity to bring awareness about ethical shopping, green living and sustainable development.  We strive to take every avenue available to reach out to as much people as possible to spread the word.

A Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ from The Green Seahorse

In behalf of The Green Seahorse’ team, we would like to thank those who have supported us along the way.  A heartfelt ‘thank you’ for taking the time to see us in the event or for checking our company online – thank you guys for giving green a chance.

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